Making Sense of Business

 DDI Interaction Management Series

Making Sense of Business: A Simulation


Employees are more likely to support organizational initiatives and objectives if they understand the rationale behind management decisions and realize how they can add to the company’s success. Unfortunately, many don’t always understand how and why business decisions are made.

In this engaging business simulation, employees run a business hands-on to realize how and why decisions are made.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do employees mistrust management’s decisions or question how they are made?
  • Do they truly understand the “big picture” and how it determines business strategy?
  • Are they aware of how their own job contributes to the success of your business?

Performance Objectives

Helps associates:

  • View business from the perspective of an owner and see how their jobs affect the overall business.
  • Explain the “whys” behind management decisions and organizational initiatives.
  • Make better job decisions because they have a big-picture view of business.


EGP 1750

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