Strategic Management Certificate

Integrated Strategic Management Certificate



Target Audience

  • Strategic Planning current and potential practitioners.
  • Organizational Development current and potential practitioners.
  • Those concerned with Planning and follow up.


  • Understanding the concepts of Strategic Management, and knowing the right methods of setting & aligning strategies, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating them.
  • Recognizing and Integrating between: Corporate, Business, & Functional Strategies.
  • Setting Relation between: - Strategic Thinking concepts and Strategic Management. - Analysis, Formulation, Implementation, & Evaluation of Strategies. - Strategies and Org Structures. - Strategies and Organizational Culture.
  • Successfully applying the strategic management phases on different challenges and situations, and develop ability to assess it.

Duration and Outline

 Total of 26 hrs. Over 4 days as follows:

DAY 1  

  • Introducing Strategic Thinking & Management
  • External & Internal Data Scanning and Analysis
  • Building on the Scanning Results to develop effective strategies.

 DAY 2  

  • Identifying Generic, Corporate, Business, & Functional Strategies.
  • Organizational Hard Infrastructure effect on Strategies.
  • Organizational Soft Infrastructure effect on Strategies.

DAY 3 

  • Implementation & Change Challenges
  • Setting Efficient Monitoring
  • Effective Evaluation Techniques

DAY 4 

  • Written Exam & Evaluation
  • Case Study Discussion


  • Lecturing & Presentation.
  • Class Discussion
  • Practical Situations
  • Written Exam
  • Selected Reading Material.
  • Material in English. Instructing language mix of English and Arabic.
  • References: SM Books & Periodicals 2000-2015, and practices in Egypt by distinguished lectures and professionals.


SM Books & Periodicals 2000-2015, and practices in Egypt by distinguished lectures and professionals.


  • Bachelor Degree.
  • At least 2-3 years of working experience.

Requirements to pass

  • Attendance of at least two of the first three days.
  • Submitting the case study according to set standards.
  • Passing Exam with a 70% score or more.

Tutor Profile

Mohamed Aly A.Fattah
PhD, Certified Corporate Trainer

Mohamed Aly has 18 years of corporate / academic experience in the fields of Strategic Planning & Time Management, and Organizational Development & Leadership. He is an active member in the American Organizational Development Network, the British Trainers-Base Association, & Egyptian Management Consultants Association.

Mohamed was one of the early birds of Internet in Egypt as he was managing the marketing & development of the widely known Microsoft Network (MSN) in the Region. He has also headed the Portals Development Committee of LinkdotNet. In addition, he was the General Manager of LEAD Projects, the Management Consultant of the British Spot Local, SETTEC, and the Org. Dev. Consultant of SOLVAY, BRISK, ProSoft Info. Systems, & others. He has given more than 450 successful lectures & corporate trainings in the fields of Strategic Planning, Org Development, Time Management, Leadership, & Training Trainers, in Egypt, the Arab Gulf, & UK (9000+ trainees).

Mohamed is currently a distinguished Lecturer of Strategic Management & Organizational Behavior for MBA & Graduate Diploma Students at the School of Business at American University in Cairo and Edinburgh School of Business at Herriot Watt University. Mohamed has also lately joined the faculty of Brilliance School of Business. In the Corporate field, Mohamed is the Senior Consultant at Ultimate Business Solutions, and the Organizational Development Consultant of Al Madina for Advanced Technologies. In the Public work, Mohamed is currently the Vice-Chairman & Board Member of Nahdet El Mahrousa Association.

Mohamed has graduated as an Engineer minoring in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo, while got his PhD in Strategic Studies in Organizational Development & Change Management (Thesis: Effect of Organizational Culture on the Implementation of Strategies).


EGP 6750

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