The Masters of Business

The Masters of Business Program


Our most comprehensive development program for up-and-coming leaders.

The Masters of Business program trains all leadership and general management topics, explaining business fundamentals and the basics of business finance, sales & marketing, people and project management skills addressing how to put sound business and leadership practices to work.


Module I - Business Acumen: The Universal Language of Business

Book Facilitation Session: (1 day)
Leadership : "What the CEO Wants You to Know" by Ram Charan

Module  II - Business Acumen in the Real World

Once business leaders understand the aforementioned fundamentals, they must be able to apply them in the real world.

If the leader fails to set priorities, keeps changing his/her mind, or poorly communicates those priorities,
the whole organization loses energy.

  1. Strategic Management (2 days)
  2. Leadership and Organizational Development (2 days)

Module  III - Getting Things Done

Delivering results is what gives an organization energy, builds confidence and generates the resources to go forward.

Leaders who consistently deliver results put customers at the heart of their operation and recognize what the people do best (their skills, attitudes, and aptitudes), link the business needs to people's natural talents, and take the time and effort to place individuals where their strengths can have the most impact.

  1. HR for non HR (2 days)
  2. Sales and Marketing Management  (2 days)
  3. Finance for Non Financial  (2 days)
  4. Operational Excellence (2 days)
  5. Project Management (2 days)


The Masters of Business program is a must do for all LEADERS TO BE.  A business acumen platform to structure individual development programs.

  1. Understand and train the principles, tools and mechanisms of strategic management.
  2. Understand the key aspects of modern marketing, and the factors that contribute to marketing success .
  3. Acquire insight into how to read a P&L and a balance sheet and interpret results to business decisions.
  4. Enhance social competence and improved communication.
  5. Gain expertise in resolving conflicts, handling negotiations and dealing with colleagues at all levels.


Developing managers and building successors bench strength can go through the route of scattered courses and training interventions or follow a well planned development path.

After completing the program, the participants will be in a able to create the conditions that boost efficiency and enable goal-oriented performance and lead employees to meet challenging goals in international settings.


Workshops are well designed and delivered by best gurus in Egypt; They have an extensive academic knowledge and a wide hands on experience in each field.


120 hours of interactive learning


Human Capital premises.


EGP 14000

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